Coffee Logo Style Guide

I picked two random words out of a that, I created a concept for a company; the two words were "Judge" and "Mill" which I turned into a Coffee brand. Judegemill is a Company specializes in coffee that wants you to judge it after trying it. When the customer buys one of the coffee bags that we bring from all around the world, they will get three free sample in order to try them and then give us feedback. That’s why my logo is having three different beans colors and showing the judge gavel, that means you will be the judge. I designed the logo, color palette, typography, and tagline.


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Brand Applications

Brand implementation is the practice of translating my brand identity to visual or verbal touchpoints like commercials, signs, packaging, marketing collateral and stationery. Every interaction my potential customers have with my brand should always reinforce my brand’s story and personality through voice & tone, color use, typography, and imagery. This how I designed the package.   

Brand Applications

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