Type Showcase book

This project combined two designs that I have completed in a multi-page document featuring the typeface I created. In the first project, I introduced to the concepts of typographic anatomy, font classification, and methods of font identification.

I selected, researched, and analyzed the significant characteristics of historically-significant typefaces before I built my own variation using a pre-selected set of letters. In the second project, I expanded the letter set, wrote a description, planned the size, planned layout, ordered the pages, and typographic hierarchy, then created graphics that highlight the unique features of my typeface. I printed and bound the booklet that collects the pages in a unique cover.


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Most of the features worked exactly as I imagine. The idea of combining English typeface to Arabic style was beautifully merged. One of the weaknesses was in the cover which I planned to use thick hard plastic that gives it precious look, but it could not function properly as the screws did not fit in the joints that open the book. This made me use a thin plastic sheet that bends when the book is opened.

Here are some of my sketches