Book and Type setting.

These are some books that I have created in order to have the knowledge in the material and general information of the paper, binding, and hand lettering and letter type setting. It was one of the perfect experience that I have done. Now I have the knowledge of knowing how can I bind, what type of bind work well with the specific type of papers and the old printings technics and hand lettering. It is good to have this knowledge of binding books which gives me the ability to apply it in the future.

Accordion Books

Learning the technic of how to use the tools and how to do a smooth design that looks like marble. It was challenging in the first two times but then, it becomes very enjoyable and you want to do more and more. I learned what colors go together and how to use the perfect tools to make these perfect lines. I used acrylic paint, carrageenan, marbling gall, alum, standard comb, plastic broom straw, and texoprint paper to create my own marbled paper. I Learned about the historical and contemporary applications of this process to create paper and more.

Paper Marbling

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These are the marbling papers that I did and I used it as a cover in these books.

Letter Typesetting